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Twin Dwellings of Singular Interest

McGinlay Bell has won the inaugural Charles Rennie Mackintosh architectural competition, sponsored by DSB Award.

The jury noted a fair spread of approaches between entrants in both categories and particularly remarked in the time invested by competitors in assembling their entries. 

The jury had a very stimulating discussion and debate in order to compile a shortlist and winners which generally demonstrates competitors who took on the spirit of the competition. 

In the student category, however, the quality of submissions across the board didn’t fully engage with the aims of the competition.  The jury suggests that in future submissions, students team up with a mentor for direction.  As a result the jury decided to award three commendations in this category. 

The full list of awards are as follows:
1st Place
McGinlay Bell

This is a runaway effort, beautifully presented with a particularly individualistic country house.  The hand of the architect is evident. 

Images of the Model and Boards are available to download here and here.

2nd Place
David MacRitchie

A particularly strong submission, showing an amalgamation of ideas and themes on both sites creating a voice that resonates between both buildings.

Images of the Model and Boards are available to download here.

3rd Place
Gordon McGregor and Katy McGregor

A very architectonic scheme design, showing a beautiful terracing of a house module with pocket spaces stepping off the street. 

Images of the Model and Boards are available download here

Highly Commended:
R+D Studio

A beautiful set of drawings between both buildings. 

In the student category, three commendations were awarded:
– Marta Gutowska
– Nikitas Papadopoulos and Siiri Turpeinen
– 6B Pencil Pencil Team (Hyungmin Ahn, Amrit Kaur & Lance Soleta)

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society is grateful to DSB Award for their generous contribution to the competition.

Following the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Mackintosh’s birth, the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society is launching an open, international architectural ideas competition.

Based on two hypothetical ‘ideal’ houses for artists, envisaged by Mackintosh in c.1900, the competition invites participants to contribute designs for a contemporary pair of houses that explore variations on a theme.

Mackintosh’s designs can be seen as a manifesto for the young architect, which he would later develop and realise at ‘Windyhill’ and ‘The Hill House’. These designs show remarkably unadorned buildings with elemental abstracted forms where harling (roughcast) is used to unify the composition into a cohesive whole. It is clear to see that Mackintosh is experimenting with a vernacular construction technique in a contemporary manner, suggesting a quest for a new articulation of architecture by his own hand.

Given that the ‘Artist’s Town House and Studio’ and its sister proposal “Artists House and Studio in the Country” were envisaged by Mackintosh just months prior to his marriage to Margaret Macdonald, they can be seen as a personal manifesto by the architect, imagining life with his muse. Indeed, when they were published in 1902, Hermann Muthesius remarked that the schemes ‘refer to the home desired by the artist couple, and thus have a singular interest’.

This competition will be an opportunity for participants to explore and evolve their own ‘manifestos’ of their architectural convictions, in a manner similar to that of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The competition ‘Twin Dwellings of Singular Interest’ seeks entries for contemporary reimaginings of Mackintosh’s Ideal House for an artist couple. Entrants will be required to research Mackintosh’s domestic designs as well as his work generally. However, submitted designs should reflect the requirements of modern contemporary life experienced in the 21st century.

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society is grateful to DSB Award for their generous contribution to the competition.

The Competition will be judged on two categories:

This category is be open to all, individual or group (maximum of four) student entries for those who are currently studying architecture at ARB Part 1 (or equivalent) or ARB Part 2 (or equivalent). Eligibility criteria is limited to those currently studying or within 2 years of graduating from their Post-Graduate degrees.

This category is open to all practitioners who can enter as individuals or in teams (maximum of four) or as architectural practices. Eligibility criteria is limited to those with 2 years or more since qualification.

Entry fees are as follows:

Student category: Early Bird discount £25 Regular fee £35

Practitioner category: Early Bird discount £45  Regular fee £55

Payment can be made at Mackintosh Queen’s Cross or by phoning the Society on +44 141 946 6600 or email info@crmsociety.com. Please quote team ID and submit entry form (one per team) at time of payment.

In each of the student and practitioner categories, the prizes will be as follows:
1st Prize – £900 2nd Prize – £450 3rd Prize £150 Each category will also include honourable mentions. In addition – all entrants to the competition will be automatically eligible to one year’s free membership of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society (usually £20/ year (students) and £42/ year (individuals). This includes a copy of the Society Journal.

All entrants who sign up on the early-bird tariff will also be allocated tickets (max 2 tickets per team) to the keynote lecture and announcement of the awards.

We have extended the registration deadline for the Mackintosh Architectural Competition to the 15 November 2019. All competition entries and forms must be submitted to the CRM Society by 15th November 2019.

The full Twin Dwellings Brief, Entry Form and Competition Poster are available to download.  You can also download FAQs, Site Plans, photos of  City House Site, Country House Site A, Country House Site BCountry House Site CCountry House Site D 

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