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The Society has recently completed a major survey of the surviving Mackintosh built heritage. This is a landmark achievement as the first comprehensive condition survey of the Mackintosh built heritage and an important milestone in our understanding and preservation of Mackintosh’s legacy.

The central aim of the Survey was to determine the current condition of a range of prioritised Mackintosh buildings and related works, including interiors and gravestones, within public and private ownership. The survey work was undertaken by Simpson & Brown Architects and Page\Park Architects and was led by the Society’s director Stuart Robertson and board member Pamela Robertson, former Professor of Mackintosh Studies at the University of

Phase One delivered detailed survey reports of 50 built projects, derived from the University of Glasgow’s rigorous,evidence-based research website
Mackintosh Architecture: Context, Making and Meaning (www.mackintosh-architecture.gla.ac.uk, 2014)

The Mackintosh Buildings Survey is one of the best examples of the Society’s value and contribution to conserving Scotland’s heritage. The project could not have been delivered without the support and generosity of The Monument Trust.

The Mackintosh heritage is small, fragile and precious, and action is needed to ensure this is protected. So it is imperative that this internationally important heritage continues to receive the attention it deserves.

More information is available in the current Journal and all the surveys are available to view at our Resource Library at Mackintosh Queen’s Cross. You can arrange an appointment to view the surveys by contacting sven@crmsociety.com

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