Board of Directors

On the 1 March 2006 the Society officially changed to a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in Scotland Company No. SC 293107. The Society Charity status is not affected, SC 012497.

The Society is governed by a Board of Directors which meets on a regular basis and makes decisions on the policies and direction of the organization.

The Current list of Council Members

Stuart Robertson – Executive Director/Secretary
Carol Matthews – Chair (Appointed 2012)
Kathleen Benham – Honorary Treasurer (Appointed 2015)
Mairi Bell (Appointed 2010)
Alison Brown (Appointed 2010)
Helen Crawford (Appointed 2014)
Ian Elliott (Appointed 2017)
Ruairidh C. Moir (Appointed 2017)
Charlotte Rostek (Appointed 2016)
Garry Sanderson (Appointed 2013)

Council Bios

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