Charles Rennie Mackintosh en Roussillon

The "CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH EN ROUSSILLON" is an associate group of the Society based in Port Vendres, France. 

Mackintosh spent the last four years of his life as a painter in the small town of Port Vendres close to the Spanish border. It is a picturesque place, still largely unspoiled, where the Pyrenees dip into the Mediterranean. L’association Charles Rennie Mackintosh en Roussillon was formed in 2004, initially to organise an exhibition for the celebration of the centenary of the Entente Cordiale in Roussillon.

For further details in English or French visit the CRM en Roussillon

Robin Crichton Email:
Mme Ginou Gonzalvez
3, rue Mailly
66660 Port-Vendres.
Tel: 06 08 16 29 40

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