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Glasgow Style and Modernity

This walk will look at some of the remarkable architecture in Glasgow created in the years around 1900 when the city was transforming itself into the self-proclaimed ‘Second City of the Empire’. Glasgow, like many other cities at the time, encouraged the development of a progressive modern architecture characterised by a distinctive decorative style.

Elsewhere, this is known as art nouveau, Jugendstil or stile Liberty, but here it is now best described as “Glasgow Style”. Its most famous exponent was, of course, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but distinctive buildings were also designed by his friend James Salmon junior, known as the “Wee Troot”.

Other architects in the city, like James Miller, were influenced by this manner. In addition there was a separate modern school in the city associated with Sir John James Burnet and his sometime partner J.A. Campbell which was influenced by architecture in both Paris and the United States. Particular and yet international, the remarkable buildings of both schools link fin de siècle Glasgow with what was happening in Paris and Brussels, Barcelona and Chicago, Budapest and Riga.

Opening hours are provided for those buildings that are open to the public. These were correct at the time of writing, but you are recommended to check current times to avoid disappointment.

From Central Station to the School of Art. This walk takes approximately 1½ hours.

"Thank you very much for this tour. It is the 1st thing I have used a QR code for. I found it easy to download. It was absolutely invaluable when I visited Glasgow on 2nd Jan and found that the Tourist Office was closed. I was self-sufficient with this walk on my phone. I look forward to visiting some of the locations again - when they are open! Without this tour I would have had a wasted day trip. Thank you again."
Karen, Hampshire.

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