We are still reeling from the devastating fire that ravaged the Mackintosh Building at the Glasgow School of Art.

Thank you to all those who have contacted us in what has been a difficult week for many. We have been inundated with media requests, members enquiries, and maintaining a service for visitors at Mackintosh Queen’s Cross.

It does not seem that long since we were celebrating Mackintosh’s 150th birthday; one member even expressed that this felt like “a golden age of Mackintosh”.  So this is a real body blow to the world of Mackintosh.

We will work to return to that, celebrating Mackintosh’s genius and ensuring his legacy is not lost for future generation.

This beautiful and poignant illustration is the work of Fiona Wilson, a Glasgow based artist who operates out of Wasps Artist Studios in the Trongate area of Glasgow.

Fiona, who lives near to the scene of the fire in the Garnethill area, studied Visual Communication at The School of Art from 1987 until 1991, before becoming a painter.

She said: “I went for a walk this morning and I was thinking about it – I did my graduation thesis on Mackintosh’s style so it’s kind of a big part of my past work of what I did when I studied at the School of Art. “So I guess the rose came to mind and the fact that within tattoo art there’s a lot of eyes and that sort of iconography that’s used – so it’s quite a vintage icon. The two just came together in my mind and I thought ‘I’m just going to sit down and do it’ and put it out rather than just thinking about it and not do anything”.

We will keep you updated on any news we here from those onsite.

The Mackintosh legacy is small, vulnerable and irreplaceable, and the fire has prompted an outpouring of concern and support from around the world.

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