CRMS 40th Anniversary Pin


Mackintosh Award for Creative Design 2013
The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society launched a competition in partnership with the Glasgow School of Art to inspire young designers to create a contemporary piece of Mackintosh-inspired design to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Mackintosh Society.

The winner of the competition was Morna Darling, a third year student of GSA Silversmithing + Jewellery. Morna was attracted to Mackintosh’s textile designs and from this she developed these ideas further. Within the silver piece there are forty squares representing every year of the Society. The four cut-out squares along the bottom also represent the four decades.

The competition was open to Contemporary visual artists, fashion & textile designers, graphic artists, 2D & 3D makers and art students all who have a keen idea for creative thinking and interpretation.

This beautiful sterling silver momento cost £60.00 and is only available from the Society.


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