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Discover Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s world famous architecture and designs. (App is still under construction)

Glasgow born Charles Rennie Mackintosh was one of the world’s most remarkable and influential architects and a major influence on European Art Nouveau. He has left a remarkable world class design legacy and many of his buildings can be visited in Glasgow and nearby Helensburgh.

To honour and celebrate the man and his work, the City of Glasgow has installed an innovative network of Bluetooth beacons at all Mackintosh venues, such as the The Mackintosh House at the Hunterian, Mackintosh Queen’s Cross, Mackintosh at The Willow and many more.

Walking around the city, each beacon communicates with the Go Glasgow app to reveal the story of each building as you arrive or pass by.

The app also provides practical information for each venue, Mackintosh news & events and a map of all the venues.

Device Settings
Go Glasgow is an innovative mobile app. It uses software on your mobile device to connect with real world hardware installed in public locations; each interaction depends on where and how a beacon is fitted. This means you may not experience exactly the same behaviour at every location.

For the optimum experience your mobile device settings should be:

iOS Android
Bluetooth: ON Bluetooth: ON
Location Services: ALWAYS ALLOW Notifications: ALLOW
Notifications: ALLOW, Permanent

Note: Go Glasgow uses a special class of low energy Bluetooth services. This means it uses little power and can run continuously in background without draining your device battery.All beacons are fitted in the street except at the Glasgow School of Art where the beacon is indoors, inside the visitor centre. There is now a beacon fitted at the Mackintosh Club, Helenburgh

Go Glasgow is a CGI solution for Glasgow City Council in partnership with Glasgow Life and the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society.

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