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Prime Minister’s Statement

The Prime Minister addressed the nation last night (23rd March) where he outlined further measures the Government is taking to tackle the spread of COVID-19. The key points from the address were:

• The PM warned that if too many people become ill at one time then the NHS will be unable to cope, and more people will die. He said that we must slow the spread of the virus to help with pressure.
• As of Monday 23rd, the PM said you “must stay at home”. People will only be able to leave their home for the following reasons;
1. Shopping infrequently as possible for essentials.
2. Exercise once a day (alone or with members of your family)
3. Travel to and from work (only when absolutely necessary)
4. For medical treatment or to care for vulnerable people.
• The police will have the power to fine people and disperse gatherings.
• All shops selling nonessential products will be closed. The PM encouraged the use of online delivery for food.
• Playgrounds and outdoor gyms will be closed too. Parks remain open for exercise, but social distancing must be adhered to.
• Gatherings of more than two people will be banned, and weddings, christenings etc will be stopped, but funerals will continue.
• These measures will be reviewed in three weeks.

The full statement is available on this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-address-to-the-nation-on-coronavirus-23-march-2020